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Guaranteed Unbreakable! 4Play Furniture's Low Swing Frame is the STRONGEST, LIGHTEST, MOST VERSATILE, & COST EFFECTIVE sex chair and adult play furniture available! It can handle multiple people adding up to 1000 pounds across the unit! Any size person, or multiple people, and we guarantee that with normal use this unit will not break! If you manage to break any part of this with normal use, even with multiple people actively engaged on it, we will replace any broken part. No other swing chair or suspension frame will make that guarantee! This is the unit for parties! This amazing frame also packs down to fit into a 40" duffel bag, available as an option.

Check out our video here: Low Swing Chair-C.mp4

Our Portable Low Swing Chair Frame is a unique design. It is a collapsible 4-point sling chair frame that is low, so you don't have to deal with ceiling issues. With our optional leg extensions, it can be almost any height. One set of extension legs increases the height up to 3 feet higher, and you can customize the exact size of the extension bars to fit your space. With the optional center suspension bar, this stand is compatible with all overhead sex swings, suspension equipment, and Shibari suspension. One frame, infinite possibilities!

The Adjustable Swing Chair is $100 off when purchased as an option with the Low Swing Frame.  The 4PlayFurniture Adjustable Swing Chair is a truly awesome piece of sex furniture. It adjusts for height and angle, giving ridged support where needed, while swinging allows the exact motion desired with minimal effort. It adds to anyone's sex life and allows for many with medical issues to have a sex life. It is also Guaranteed Unbreakable! From medical device to the centerpiece sex swing at swinger parties, the Adjustable Swing Chair is a clear outstanding choice.

Low Swing Frame setup size: 43” High, 69” Long, and 38 1/2” Wide (adjustable to add 4" in length and/or width)

Adjustable Swing Chair Options: 20" Standard Back, 10" Standard Base, 28" Extended Back, 12" Extended Base   

It is made from 1.25 inch, 11-gauge tubing.
It is a free-standing frame for sex swings, sex slings, or any kinky
suspension desired. Which means no damage to ceilings or walls.
Its unique design requires NO additional leg braces!
Assembly time is approximately 5 minutes.
It has 4 nonslip feet so it will not scratch most surfaces.
Light enough to take on vacation as hand luggage.
It will hold 1000 lbs of active sex action.

This kit is compatible with many of the 4 Play Furniture's other kits to allow you to customize and be creative.

This frame is adjustable in height, length, and width with additional parts. We make custom sizes to fit specific spaces.

Swing Chair

~ Works with any four-point sling

~ Nonslip foot pegs

~ Easy assembly and disassembly

~ Stores easily under your bed or in a closet.

~ Made from high-strength 1.25, 11-gauge steel

~ Rated for 1000 lbs

~ Non-slip rubber feet

~ Convenient travel-storage bag available

          ~ Many accessories available

This is another of our Guaranteed Unbreakable creations. If you manage to break any part of this frame with normal use, we will applaud your awesome party and replace the broken part.

Orders are made on demand, so almost infinite customizations can be done on request. We are always innovating and improving our products, so the product you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Shipping: Our products push the limit of standard shipping for both size and weight. We design our products to avoid having to use the more expensive "Freight" shipping. Some products require multiple boxes to go standard. To get you the lowest shipping price possible we have come up with a unique separate step. It's a pain for us, but saves you a lot. When your furniture piece is ready, we pack it and take it directly to the FedEx central hub. They weigh and measure the boxes and give us a discounted price for that day. We don't get this price if we go to any other drop off, or if it is quoted for a different day. We notify you and you PayPal the shipping to us at "". Yes, it's a pain, but we get significantly better shipping costs for you.

All orders are shipped in unmarked boxes.

PayPal - Visa – MasterCard - Discover - Checks accepted. We don't have all of these available on this site yet. Please contact us if there is a payment method you prefer that is not currently available on this site.

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Low Swing Chair Frame

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