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The 4Play Furniture "Throne de Sara" (TDS) is a unique design combination of our Desiree Step Bench and our Adjustable Swing Chair. This an extremely versatile sex chair. One of our clients handed us a custom design challenge, mixing 3 of our other designs. The awesome result is The Throne de Sara!

This is what our client had to say about it after they received it and had their first party using it.

"Steve is a great guy to work with. We wanted the Step Bench with a couple of mods. He was happy to adjust his plans to make what we wanted. The resulting TDS is [the] best in class. We spent countless hours looking at sex furniture online. Very few offer more than 2 or 3 uses. This bench as is offers countless uses. With our mods the TDS has no limits. Plus it saved us thousands compared to the half dozen other units needed to get us all we have with the TDS Step Bench. Let your mind run wild, Steve's team can make your dream a reality. A+ Best in Class! "
- D&S in Little Rock

The Throne de Sara has the same setup procedure as the Desiree Step Bench. A video for that is here:

This unique design is made from 1.25 inch thick 11 gauge Steel tubing. Assembly time is approximately 5 minutes. It has 4 nonslip feet so it will not scratch or move on most surfaces. It will hold approximately 450 lbs with ease.

This is another of our Guaranteed Unbreakable creations. If you manage to break any part of this frame with normal use, we will applaud your awesome party, and replace the broken part.

This kit is compatible with most of 4 Play Furniture's other kits to allow you to customize and be creative. Mix and match the parts in "Kinkertoys".

Orders are made on demand, so almost infinite customizations can be done on request. We are always innovating and improving our products, so the product you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Shipping: Our products push the limit of standard shipping for both size and weight. We design our products to avoid having to use the more expensive "Freight" shipping. Some products require multiple boxes to go standard. To get you the lowest shipping price possible we have come up with a unique separate step. It's a pain for us, but saves you a lot. When your furniture piece is ready, we pack it and take it directly to the FedEx central hub. They weigh and measure the boxes and give us a discounted price for that day. We don't get this price if we go to any other drop off, or if it is quoted for a different day. We notify you and you PayPal the shipping to us at "". Yes, it's a pain, but we get significantly better shipping costs for you.

All orders are shipped in unmarked boxes.

PayPal - Visa – MasterCard - Discover - Checks accepted. We don't have all of these available on this site yet. Please contact us if there is a payment method you prefer that is not currently available on this site.

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Throne de Sara (TDS)

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