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The 4Play Furniture Adjustable Flat Bench is a unique design and is a great piece for any couple or play party. It has an adjustable height and angle to be easily used as a swinger party sex bench and/or as a bondage play bench. Guaranteed Unbreakable, our Step Bench can handle as many people as you can fit on it with full live motion. With its 6 heavy attachment points welded on for ankle and wrist restraints, it has 2 nonslip grip hands. It is beautifully powder coated and has 4 heavy-duty non-scratch rubber feet so that it will resist moving with the motion of those having fun on it.

This is another of our Guaranteed Unbreakable creations. If you manage to break any part of this frame with normal use, we will applaud your awesome party and replace the broken part.

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Adjustable Flat Bench

  • Product Code: Bench-AF
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $798.00

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