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4Play Furniture's Straddle Bench XL is a unique oversized Straddle Bench that is perhaps the strongest Straddle Bench on the market. A few inches bigger in every dimension makes a big difference. It provides a great atmosphere and some awesome play that is unique to riding a bench that is this big. With its strength, it is able to handle the roughest play. With 6 attachment points and many places to tie off, our Straddle Bench XL is an awesome piece. It can also be customized to your specifications.

This is another of our Guaranteed Unbreakable creations. If you manage to break any part of this frame with normal use, we will applaud your awesome party and replace the broken part.

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Straddle Bench XL

  • Product Code: Bench-Strad
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1,943.00

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